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About ServiceMaster EMT

Since its establishment in 1982, ServiceMaster EMT has come a long way. Just starting with a few employees and vehicles, our team has now grown to multiple franchise locations across Southern California, Nevada, and Northwest Arizona, servicing all customers with disaster restoration services.

Batting A Thousand

Founded in 1929, ServiceMaster had started just as a moth-proofing company by a former minor league baseball player who had his eyes set on making it to the major leagues. While Wade worked out of his home, he realized that his dream of joining the major leagues was coming to life, but not in basement.

Now ServiceMaster, once known as the moth-proofing business, has then become one of the nation’s largest and most successful companies, leading the industry in disaster restoration. Now operating in over 30 countries and servicing over 6 million customers, we are proud to provide such a broad network of customers with quality restoration services.

Making A Statement

Throughout his work, Marion had a strong commitment to honor God in all of his work through his strong personal faith. Through this point of view, he valued each customer and employee being made in God’s image; they were worthy of respect and dignity. This viewpoint had also  passed on to Wade’s successors, Ken Hansen, and man with great financial power, and Ken Wessner, an amazing worker in operations with a vision to develop people. Working together, the three men had establish the Company objectives:

  1. To honor God in all we do
  2. To help people develop
  3. To pursue excellence
  4. To grow profitably

After realizing that helping every employee grow to their biggest potential to provide the highest quality of work, training sessions throughout all levels became universal in the ServiceMaster approach. Our company is dedicated to helping people to serve others, providing them with all resources to do the job right, including training, tools, and systems.

Leading The Pack

Now with the Company objectives, vision, and environment set in place, the company was proud to start offering carpet cleaning services in 1952, establishing one of the nation’s first franchise businesses. Then in 1962, ServiceMaster had started to outsource into the healthcare industry. In 1980, the education market was also served, providing CE classes.

Today, we are proud to be the nation’s leader in providing outsourcing for facilities management. All of our customers in the Education, Business & Insdustry, and Healthcare industries see ServiceMaster as a power partner, serving their customers by lowering costs, improving work morale, and enhancing productivity.

A Service For Every Need

Throughout the 1980s, ServiceMaster’s Chairman, C. William Pollard has motivated the company into further expansion of consumer business. With his leadership, combined with the current Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMaster today, Carlos Cantu, our team has built from the original franchise to develop a network of dedicated service companies. Among them all include:

  • Terminix (pest control)
  • ServiceMaster (heavy cleaning and restoration)
  • Merry Maids (residential cleaning)
  • American Home Shield (home warranty services)
  • TruGreen-ChemLawn (lawn care)
  • Furniture Medic (furniture restoration)
  • Rescue Rooter (plumbing and drain system repair)

As you may have heard of them already, each of these brands are leaders in their industries today.

Stepping Out Into The Forefront

Continuing with ServiceMaster’s tradition of developing future leaders and planning for success in the 1990s, Carlos Cantu’s vision had aligned with ours, becoming our Chief Executive Officer. He took on the responsibility of leading our company into the 21st century.

By then, the healthcare industry was changing and the aging population was growing. In response, ServiceMaster had combined its long-term care management and home health care businesses to develop Diversified Health Services (DHS) in 1994. Today, DHS focuses on providing facilities development, long-term care management, and other related services. Providing the best quality care to their patients, DHS is dedicated to assisting our customers.

Launched in 1959, the ServiceMaster International business now serves over 30 countries in five continents with the help of foreign partners, license arrangements, and direct operations.

Value, Value, Value

Our goal is to provide increased value to each of our customers, shareholders, and associates, but it is a challenge today. With the demand for more leisure time, rising costs of healthcare and facility maintenance, and changing demographics, we have the opportunity to do just that.

From all of us at ServiceMaster, we are committed to keeping your homes functional, clean, and pest-free; your lawns healthy and beautiful; hospitals, schools, and businesses running efficiently and effectively.

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