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John J Castro

This message is a response to the reply to my review of ServiceMasterEMT: Thank you. The name of ServiceMasterEMT, is fact; the workers that helped me out were very attentive, very helpful, kept working to deal with the many problems in my condo. I really appreciate ServiceMasterEMT.
Much Thanks.

Dr. and Mrs. Don and Marie

I must begin by telling you I have been so thoroughly impressed by your company, specifically your staff, that I feel compelled to write you and tell you about our experience. From the moment [the fire] happened, people descended on our home looking to help and commission work. I have had prior experience with construction workers remodeling in other homes I’ve lived in, and I speak from experience when I tell you your crew is first rate. So congratulations to you for achieving such a high standard of excellence. I will be forever grateful for (and spread the word about) your company and staff being there for us in our hour of need!

Terry and Kathy, Stephanie, Andrew and Roger

We are writing to say what an outstanding service you provided us during the long recovery process after our fire last year. We were amazed what all you accomplished so quickly in the first days after the fire – getting our house secured, and cleaning and moving out all of our belongings was beyond our imagination of what a company could do in a few days.

But is not merely the physical feat that we are writing to commend; it is the high quality of your team’s people, your compassion, sensitivity, and intuition that is a rare thing to see in service these days and deserves special mention and gratitude.

Michael & Martha Murray, Crestview Estates

As managers of this facility, we have dealt with alot of different people working in repairs and upkeep, and we found working with your crews to be one of the most pleasant and rewarding experience we have come across in a very long time.

Therefore, it is with no hesitation that we recommend your services to anyone else who has tried to recover from a major restoration problem such as the one we have encountered.

Jim Hardy, J.E.J. Incorporated

I felt very comfortable that every effort was made to properly manage the jobs, document the jobs, and accurately invoice the work despite the very hectic times following a devastating hurricane, let alone two hurricanes occurring within a 30 day period.

Jacqueline McCoy

Andy, Rodney, Paul and any others who were here, were most helpful and considerate. I wish other organizations offering ‘services’ could send their employees to your training program! Thank you for making a very difficult situation easier for me.

Gerald and Alice

We could not be more pleased with ServiceMASTER’s work and the personnel. Jeff, Rob, Adon, Miguel, Brittany, and others were wonderful. Very skilled and professional in all areas. Thanks!

Steve & Wendy

I wanted to thank your office for the quick information after we found a waterfall coming from our ceiling under the kids bathroom this morning. Given this is our first experience with water damage, we did not know what to expect. Wendy called Bruce from Servicemaster and he had a person here within a couple of hours. Plus, he called a plumber for us which was very helpful. The crew from the plumbing company identified and repaired our toilet and was very helpful and friendly. Plus, Servicemaster was ready to roll and get our house dried out quickly. Tom quickly educated me on the process and told me what to expect. Later in the day, Bruce stopped by to see how things were going. This is the type of customer service that is noticed and appreciated. Servicemaster made the ordeal seem like a non-event.

Marilyn Whitley

With your friendly sincere caring nature, all of you have made me feel secure that my belongings would be taken care of and they were in a courteous, professional method. I marveled at your hard work – packing, moving, cleaning, extracting smoke and storage. You are a great team that I appreciate. Thank you all.

March 18, 2019
by Bart Baker

Hi Rob,

I hope all is well.

Did you get a chance to see the video I made? If you recall I took your advice and produced with Farmers communication Dept. a video that thanked the claims team for doing such a great job during the Woolsey fire.

After the fire we had a huge amount of homes that needed to cleaned of smoke and soot. My home was one of them. I dealt with quite a few vendors such as Serve Pro, Service Master and the like. It was all over the board as far as quality and service went.

There was one company and person that really stood out. Jeff Watson from Service Master EMT was that stand out. Jeff did my home, I was so happy with the service I started to refer him to other clients. I didn’t have one case where a client wasn’t happy.

There was one client that operated a group home for developmentally handicapped young adults. The home was with the Fair Plan and had quite a bit of smoke damage. I referred to Jeff Watson who did a great job. The claim was filed with Fair Plan and to our surprise was denied.

The Fair plan does not cover smoke damage or the cleaning due to smoke damage. The client now had a $17,000 bill with no coverage and no means to pay. I was really shocked, that an insurance company wouldn’t pay for smoke damage.

I made Jeff aware of the situation. He came out and we inspected the property together. Jeff took photos and met with the owners of the company. The end result was that ServiceMaster EMT donated the service and wrote off the amount due.

I thought you should be aware of this vendor, he really did go way above and beyond in providing excellent service as well as taking care of any issues when brought up.

Very best,


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