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How to Recover from a California Wildfire

A great part about living in California is the pleasant weather experienced on a year-round basis. However, the pleasant conditions that California is known for can be disturbed by the threat of California wildfires. When there’s a wildfire, the massive approaching flames, the pollution, and the clouds of gray smoke that fill the clear blue sky become serious concerns.

The presence of such smoke is a significant threat to your health and may force you and your family to evacuate. If you do evacuate, you should only return to your home once officials have deemed it safe to do so. This is important because you don’t want to return home only to find out that the dangers of the wildfire and its aftereffects are still present.

fire-damaged-houseWhen you make your return, however, it can be tough. You may discover that your home has suffered severe fire damage from the wildfire. Homes are often a sanctuary where families create cherished memories, so seeing it in a critical state can be a lot to take in. Because of this, it can be difficult to figure out your next steps in the aftermath of the wildfire, including what to do and where to start.

For help on how to recover from a California wildfire, continue reading.

1. Check the Ground

Regardless of the situation, you should be aware of your surroundings to ensure your safety. Following a wildfire, the ground may include smoldering stumps and vegetation as well as hot spots which are active sections of a fire. If you come across smoldering spots, be cautious and put out these areas with buckets of water. You want to eliminate any risks for a fire to ignite and cause further damage.

2. Check for Remaining Embers and Sparks

In the aftermath of a wildfire, leftover burning embers or sparks might be found on your roof, home’s exterior, or throughout the inside of your residence. These embers and sparks can travel and cause a fire, so put these out to prevent such an occurrence.

Begin by inspecting the outside of your home and pay special attention to the roof. When embers travel during wildfires, they often end up on roofs. Once you’ve finished checking the exterior, move inside. The embers inside might be hidden, so be thorough with your search and don’t forget to check the attic.

3. Inspect Your Property and Belongings for Fire Damage

Cabinet-Fire-Damage-SootAfter addressing any hot spots, embers, and other remaining heat sources that may be lingering, address the property and the fire damage it sustained.

Turn off the main circuit breaker but first inspect the meter’s condition. Turn all appliances off as well, and do not use them until they are inspected.

As you inspect the home, be cautious, and document the damage. This documentation tracks the damage and provides necessary evidence for your insurance claims.

If your home has suffered severe damage that prevents you from safely entering the property, then do not go inside. Your safety and well-being are more important than your home.

Get Professional Fire Damage Restoration Assistance

Fires on their own can cause significant damage and require prompt attention. The damage from the flames themselves is serious, but the secondary damage from a fire can often be worse than the initial damage. This is because smoke and soot linger well after the fire has been extinguished and these elements can cause corrosive damage to affected objects and materials. Without immediate action, the effects can become permanent.

Wildfires, however, are more severe than standard house fires. Because of this, the damage from a wildfire is often much worse and requires more attention and assistance. If your home was affected by a California wildfire, you need to seek professional help immediately.

ServiceMaster EMT can help restore wildfire-damaged homes through our professional fire damage restoration services in Southern California and Nevada. We employ well-trained technicians who are proficient in conducting repairs and restoration work on properties damaged by California wildfires.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Content-Cleaning-Services-ServiceMasterUpon arrival, we will stabilize the structure to prevent further damage. We then conduct emergency pre-cleaning to prevent permanent damage from smoke and soot. Our fire damage restoration services also include various cleaning work, deodorization, and pack-out services when necessary.

We understand the devastation and stress involved when your home is damaged by California wildfires. But with help from ServiceMaster EMT’s fire damage restoration services, you can feel at ease knowing your home will be restored to a safe and healthy living condition.

Emergency Response

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