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Dry water damaged carpet

Water can cause major damage to a home or business. Whether it is caused by flooding, natural disasters, or a burst mainline, it can be costly for the property owner. Sometimes pipes burst in the walls or the foundation cracks due to roots and the water can cause damage to the carpeting. Carpeting does not always have to be replaced if water damage happens, that will depend on the individual situation. However, it is very important to react to water damage right away so that the damage does not spread and cause mold growth.

What Should You Do if You Notice Water Damage on Your Carpet?

If you notice water damage on your carpet, the first thing to do is to inspect the area. It is important that you react right away as water sets in quickly and can cause significant damage. Sometimes water damage can be beneath the carpeting and difficult to see. Water can run in small streams around the baseboards, tiny cracks in the flooring, or down the walls which can drip and cause a little bit of damage at a time.

Signs You Should Replace Your Water-Damaged Carpets

Carpets have multiple layers to them. If the water has gotten to the bottom layer of the carpet, it will need to be replaced. If the carpet has been wet for 72 hours or more, you should get it replaced as that is how long it takes for mold to form. Once this happens, you have more issues to deal with as mold growth is a health risk.

If you notice water damage to your carpeting, you should have it inspected by professionals. You also must find the source of the leak and stop if before it causes damage to your foundation and you have mold spreading throughout the home.

Another thing to consider is the condition of your carpet and if it is worth cleaning or better to have it replaced. Sometimes carpeting must be pulled up to the final layer which may cause damage to it as opposed to just having it replaced and covering that cost.

Water Damaged Carpet Can Cause Health Risks

Standing water within your property can cause mold. Also, dampness in your space can cause illnesses even if mold is not present. It can affect your nose and throat and can cause you to cough and sneeze and even trigger asthma symptoms.

The presence of standing water is also a risk for attracting mosquitos which can cause skin problems such as rashes and complications to existing health issues like tuberculosis. As mosquitos lay their eggs onto water, they can survive there for years without being hatched. The hatching process starts and completes within 72 hours. You do not want them to hatch indoors as then it would be difficult to get rid of them. If you are facing a mosquito infestation due to standing water, we recommend spraying an EPA-certified repellant with DEET to prevent re-infestation.

Avoiding Carpet Mold After Water Damage

Mold growth spreads in a home due to wet conditions including in the carpeting. The mold spores spread as they pollinate the air and can be very harmful for those with upper respiratory illnesses such as asthma as the spores can trigger their symptoms to become worse. Mold can also cause issues with breathing which can become chronic over time if mold is not treated.

Drying water damaged carpet with machine

What to Do After You Realize You Have Water Damage in Your Home

If you have realized that you have water damage in your home, it is crucial to react quickly. First assess the damage and then call the professionals to help you with drying or replacing your carpeting. They will first dry out the damage by extracting the water and make sure that there is no mold present, and you are safe to stay at your property during the process.

The steps that you can do yourself if you notice water damage in your home are the following:

1. Get rid of all the water

Use a wet vacuum or a water extraction machine to get rid of any excess water. This is the most budget friendly way to get rid of water. If you think that there is water damage under your carpeting, you should call the professionals to extract the water and clean or replace the carpets, depending on the situation. They will use commercial grade water extractors which are the most effective.

2. Air out the room

All windows and doors should be opened to help dry out all the surfaces. You should also use dehumidifiers and floor fans. The drying process can take a long time; therefore, you should consider an alternative place to stay while it is drying out.

3. Presence of odor

Even if all the water is extracted from your carpeting, there might be a bad odor left behind. There are various solutions that you can use to make your household smell better such as a white vinegar solution with baking soda that is odor neutralizing. After you’ve gotten rid of the water and ventilated and deodorized your property, this is all that you can do as an amateur. If your water damage was caused by sewage water, you will need to contact professionals so they can help with cleaning, drying, and replacing your carpeting.

Reach Out to a Water Damage Restoration Professional

You can try to fix a water damaged carpet yourself, but your success will depend on how long the carpet has been sitting in water and if the flooring below the carpet has been damaged all the way through. The best thing to do if you have water damage to your carpeting is to call the professionals for help.

ServiceMaster EMT offers water damage restoration to your home or business in Los Angeles, CA, and all of Southern California. We will help with your water damaged carpeting and ensure that it is either dried out and restored or fully replaced. To learn more about our water damage restoration services, give us a call at (800) 376-6678.

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