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What Happens During Water Damage Restoration?



Water damage is known to be the most prevalent form of property damage because of the variety of ways in which such harm can occur, such as indoor flooding or a leaky pipe. Regardless of how the damage happened, it must be addressed as soon as possible. This is because water damage can quickly worsen and become a bigger problem. Water damage can also trigger mold growth.

If your residential or commercial property has sustained water damage, then you should reach out to water damage restoration professionals for help.

Professional water damage restoration services can include a number of things. In some instances, this restoration work can be minimal and involve only quick water extraction, drying, and cleaning. Other times, water damage restoration work can encompass a lot of things: water extraction, drying, content repairs and restoration, property sanitization, and mold removal. It all depends on the extent of your property’s water damage.

Continue reading to learn more about what to expect during the water damage restoration process.

1. Assessment and Inspection Water-Damage-Restoration-ServiceMaster

The first step for any damage restoration project is to inspect the property and assess the damage. This step is crucial in the restoration process, because it allows for a thorough, proper restoration. During inspection, technicians will determine the class and category of the water damage. This information will tell you the damage’s extent and which actions are the best ones to take.

Water damage classes range from class 1 to class 4, and higher numbers classify higher levels of water/moisture absorption:

  • Class 1: Minimal damage where a section of a room has absorbed only a small amount of moisture
  • Class 2: An entire room has suffered damage with carpeting and walls absorbing moisture
  • Class 3: The worst damage, most of the area is saturated including high up on walls and potentially the ceiling
  • Class 4: Damage in which concrete, hardwood, stone, and other materials need specialized drying

Similarly, water damage categories range from category 1 to category 3, and the larger numbers concern more hazardous types of water:

  • Category 1: Clean water from a clean water source
  • Category 2: Gray water, which is relatively clean water that can come from dishwasher or washing machines
  • Category 3: Black water, which is unsanitary water that contains bacteria and other harmful substances that can cause disease

With such information, technicians can then create a proper restoration plan that is specifically customized to your property’s water damage case.

2. Water and Moisture Extraction

When there’s excess water or moisture in your home or business, it becomes absorbed by any porous building materials, including drywall and carpeting, and continues to do so. This allows the water to spread throughout your property and affect new areas. Because of this, it’s crucial to remove water as soon as possible. Immediate extraction also limits the potential for mold growth.

To remove the water, technicians can use water pumps and vacuums, but the exact equipment used depends on the amount of water in your property and the extent of the water damage.

3. Drying and DehumidificationFlood-Extraction-ServiceMaster

Once the water has been removed, your property is dried. While the water removal step takes care of a majority of the moisture, this step ensures that the moisture is completely extracted. To dry your residential or commercial property, technicians will use advanced dehumidification equipment.

Depending on the amount of water damage sustained, the drying process can last for several days or several weeks. For example, if concrete needs to dried out, then it can take longer because of the specialty drying that needs to be conducted.

4. Cleaning and Disinfection

As another measure against the growth of mold and other bacteria, your property needs to be cleaned and sanitized. If any mold has grown, then it will be removed and cleaned. This step also restores your home or business to a healthy environment. But the cleaning doesn’t simply concern building materials. Any affected clothing, carpeting, and drapery are treated as well using antimicrobial treatments.

Cleaning is especially crucial for instances where the water damage is caused by gray or black water, because this type of water is not clean. That said, if your property isn’t cleaned, harmful bacteria can be left behind.

5. Restoration and RepairsWater-Damage-Restoration

Last but not least, water damage restoration will finish with restoration and repairs. This can mean replacing sections of drywall or installing entirely new walls. The extent of the restoration and repairs depends on the exact damage.

For example, if the water damage is severe enough, then the damage may be irreversible. This means that the affected materials must be removed and replaced with a new installation. In other scenarios, building materials may have only suffered minor damage and just need to be dried.

Getting Professional Water Damage Restoration Help

Whether your property has suffered water damage due to indoor flooding, a leaky pipe, or another source, you need to get immediate help from professionals. ServiceMaster EMT can help you out through the water damage restoration, water extraction, and water mitigation we provide to homes and businesses located in the Southern California area and state of Nevada .

Our technicians are properly trained and equipped to handle any water damage case. We will eliminate all standing water and excess moisture from your home and restore or replace your damaged materials. With ServiceMaster EMT’s help, your home or business will be reverted to a clean, healthy, and safe environment to live or work in.

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